Thursday, 14 May 2009

unhappy things

I try to forget all the unhappy things
which had happened in my life
I packed them with paper
put these parcels into boxes
in the end
I buried all these boxese
under other happy things
they twist and scream
to let me notice their existence
I know there they are
I just pretend I forget

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

a surrealistic poem of my bith

I was born in the city of my grandma
grandma said mysterious things happened concurrently
it had been raining for several ten days
winter and summer alternate continually
mom said camellia flowers blossomed in her dream
monsters jumped in and out with scream
butterflies flew around her mosquito net
they thought maybe I wouldn't alive after be born
therefore it's another miracle I'm sitting here and thinking

*Write for my mom, when she was giving birth to me,
she got malaria and she was fascinated by the fragrance of tea.*

Saturday, 2 May 2009

my studio

for memory
the decoration is design by myself
it cost me two months
I watched all the details were made
I moved in at 31 July 2008
I will be forced to move away by noise

Monday, 20 April 2009


you permeate into my room
infiltrate my skin
melt in my blood
touch my heart
you arouse the nature
stir my feeling
bring hopes back
drive gloominess away
but you still can't wake me up

spring in my yard

after chill somber winter
my yard wake up
hoopoe jumping
magpie nesting
wind blowing
leaves dancing
catkin flying
agitation pervading
sunlight twinkling
flowers flourishing
breeze intoning
grass waving
dog barking
I'm singing

Sunday, 12 April 2009

My wish

I wish no war
I wish no polution
I wish all children be born in love
I wish everyone gets enough good education
I wish all societies achieve equality between men and women
I wish nature and society of people
keep balance as long as it could be
I wish people all over the world
go on promote understanding between each other
(write for yoko ono's wish tree)

Sunday, 5 April 2009

seventy seven loves

Love is attraction
love is sex
love is pain
love is hurt
love is forgiven
love is tolerant
love is restraint
love is green of spring
love is blue of ocean
love is the smile on your lips
love is the hair on your arm
love is the smell of your body
love is birth
love is death
love is your name
love is art
love is melody
love is agony
love is the colour of your eyes
love is miracle
love is life
love is the power of nature
love is the sound of rain
love is the wind in the wood
love is the wings of dragonfly
love is the shining shell
love is respect
love is knowledge
love is loneness
love is time
love is illusion
love is your soft skin
love is your sex organ
love is star
love is sun
love is moon
love is poetry
love is dancing
love is light
love is darkness
love is fever
love is the golden fish in the pond
love is home
love is freedom
love is instinct
love is inspiration
love is misunderstanding
love is trust
love is song
love is whale jump out of sea
love is pollen on the legs of bee
love is game
love is memory
love is kiss
love is ecstasy
love is language
love is your birthday
love is the singing of bird
love is shyness
love is jealous
love is the petal of lotus
love is courage
love is apple tree
love is firework
love is birthday card
love is soft fur of kitty
love is god
love is fairy tale
love is dream
love is cage
love is hope
love is the colour of rainbow
love is touch of mom
love is father's silence
love is smile of baby
love is gift
love is love

who am I

I am water
I was a creature
I am a flower
I was soil
I am an artist
I was a portrait
I am music
I was an instrument
I am a primates
I was a shell
I am a bird
I was a mermaid
I am a female
I was a phenix in a temple
I am a butterfly
I was a girl catching dragonfly
I am a writer
I was a girl swimming in a river
I am words
I was the one who thingking of these

Friday, 3 April 2009


what's love
he asked
love is you can't live without her
I said
for I don't want to hurt him
by other ideas
in my mind
he said
I can live without woman easily
maybe he's right
I can live without man too
there are thousands of answers
in my mind
but what's the one

Thursday, 2 April 2009


flies up
from earth
like an arrow
warm air
slipe down her body
start from fingers
to toes
breaking skin
covered arms to knees
grows up
wings stretching
bones twisting
agony and ecstasy
in the

Little blue fish

swims in a bottle
breaths in water
through glass
it's peering
smile's poppling
light's filtering its fin
shadow's moving on my skin

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Lotus in the wind

A dragonfly
over the surface of water
the wing
touching a lotus
jumps up
disappearing in the wind